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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Photo of the Month

Essence of Richmondshire ... Dales, Sheep and Barns by Paul Hunter.

Dales, Sheep and Barns, taken by freelance photographer Paul Hunter between Aysgarth and Hawes, captures a quintessential Richmondshire scene and we're delighted to feature it as our Photo of the Month.

Stokesley-based Paul operates almost exclusively in North Yorkshire and, during the past six years, has been building a portfolio of his favourite Yorkshire scenes several of which have been published in local and national magazines.

He told "Photographing Yorkshire is a labour of love. I've recently spent a lot of time in the Dales as the landscape fascinates me. I have been told that my feelings for the views that I photograph are expressed through my images. I really hope that my images do speak to people and give them some pleasure."

Paul is a contributing photographer to Northern Soul webzine and other recent images have appeared in Yorkshire Life, Delicious Food and Amateur Photographer magazines as well as a few publications closer to home.

You can see more of his work on Flickr by clicking here.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Photo of the Month

Photography contributor Pete Carr opted for the black and white treatment to convey the drama of this sky above a barn in Rylston. in the Craven district of North Yorkshire. We've featured several images over the years from Pete, who lives in Tadcaster. More of his work can be seen here.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Photo of the Month

Our latest photo of the month was
captured at fab Filey
and comes from Pete Carr, 
of Tadcaster. More of Pete's work
can be seen here.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Photo of the Month: March 2015

Bulmer Bank, another image captured by regular contributor Andrew Fawcett. Andrew, who lives at Claxton, six miles east of York, is a product manager for an IT services provider. More of his photographic work can be seen by clicking here.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Photo of the Month

Black and white tones give an historic mood to this image by contributor Andrew Fawcett entitled Darkness and Light. It was taken inside the English Heritage-run medieval Helmsley Castle. Andrew, who lives at Claxton, six miles east of York, is a product manager for an IT services provider. More of his photographic work can be seen by clicking here.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Photo of the Month

June's Photo of the Month is another one from Tony Bartholomew who again shows his skill at capturing the scenes that make North Yorkshire special. This image shows Edward Harpin and Claire Stainthorpe, from The Orange Tree relaxation centre, Rosedale, in training at Young Ralph Cross for The Pilgrims’ Way walk which forms part of a two day walking festival this month. More of Tony's work can be seen at this year’s Rosedale Walking Festival on 14 and 15 June, walkers can choose from a meander round the local teashops, a Pilgrims’ Way walk, or a short ramble for families with young children on the Saturday. The Sunday events will focus on the rich wildlife and history of the dale, including a walk following the old railway line at the top of the dale’s famous Chimney BankFurther information:

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Photo of the Month

SPRING HAS SPRUNG: North Yorkshire is bursting with life, thanks to Spring's arrival, as this image by Dr Vincent Lien shows. The photo was taken one morning just off the A1 (M) at Junction 50 on the way to Melmerby. Dr Lien said: "I had been inspired previously by this scenery when I was leaving home for Cambridge on that Monday morning. 
"Admittedly, the visibility then was so much better and would have made a better shot. But I was keen to get on the road, making a mental note of taking a picture of it on my way back if the weather was good. It was a hazy morning; I pulled over on the service road off the junction and took a few pictures of the barn. This is one of them.
"Apparently, barns of this kind have been known to be referred to as “blows” or “blowers” by some local farm workers. However, I cannot substantiate such a claim." 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Photo of the Month

This atmospheric image of Whitby Abbey comes courtesy
of Pete Carr 
of Tadcaster. More of Pete's work can be seen

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Photo of the Month

Chairman of Knaresborough Camera Club Richard Bryant helped lift the mood on the BBC Look North weather slot, thanks to his image of the town's castle silhouetted against a sky bathing in the hues of late winter and early spring. You can see more of Richard's work at

Friday, 17 January 2014

Photo of the Month

England's green and pleasant land or should that be Craven's green and pleasant land?
We thought we'd kick off a new year with something special. This cracking shot of the Hills of Skipton comes courtesy of amateur photographer Dave Zdanowicz.
He took it with his first camera which he bought as recently as July and since then, he's been getting out and about this fine county each weekend with his father, capturing those glorious landscapes that instantly catch the eye.
You can see more of Dave's work at

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Photo of the Month: December 2013

The Rotunda by Tony Bartholomew.
Although it came as part of a news story, we just had to make this lovely seasonal pic from Tony Bartholomew our photo of the month.

His image accompanies a release telling us about festive family fun courtesy of Scarborough Museums Trust.

We've had some cracking press photos from Tony over the past few years and always like to make sure photographers get the credit for their work. It's true what they say that a picture paints a thousand words.

There’s plenty for all the family to do over the Christmas holidays at the trust's two venues: the Rotunda, the William Smith museum of geology (pictured), and Scarborough Art Gallery.

At the Rotunda, visitors can make their own dancing Christmas character paper puppet, while visitors to the art gallery can design and make a woollen wreath for hanging on trees..

All the drop-in art activities take place from 10am to 5pm on 24 and 27 December, and 2 and 3 January, and it’s free to take part.

And on 27 December, it’s time to walk off all that Christmas excess on the annual festive walk. This bracing outing will be led by geologist Will Watts, who’ll guide participants through the dinosaur footprints of Scarborough’s South Bay. Walkers are asked to meet at 2pm at the Rotunda. Taking part in the walk is also free.

And you can see more of Tony's work at

Friday, 1 November 2013

Photo of the Month: November 2013

Photo by Matthew Lightfoot.
Although the Dales are beautiful all year round, we started hankering for warmer temperatures when we saw this photo by Matthew Lightfoot and had to make it our November photo of the month.

Matthew writes and edits the site which provides information on the best drives that can be undertaken in a day in the area, and perhaps be combined with a couple of hours of hiking.

The photograph of a solitary figure walking through a field was taken between Hawes and Hardraw on a glorious day.

He said: "The fields seemed to be awash with colour in all directions – a great day to be walking in the Dales."

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Photo of the Month: October 2013

There's no denying it. We've defied the odds and had some pretty good weather, this year. A sumptuous spring, a summer that sometimes sizzled and a golden autumn that is already under way.
And we are reminded of this fact by this gorgeous photo by Suzanne Seed taken at Newby Hall gardens where this year's floral displays have been particularly stunning.
Suzanne said: "This shot was taken on the edge of autumn and captures the delicate beauty of the dahlia and the boldness of its colour against the splendid backdrop of Newby Hall itself."
We have to agree and that's why we just had to make it our Photo of the Month.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Photo of the Month: September 2013

SEPTEMBER: this fabulous shot taken on a cloudy evening near Ravenscar comes from York-based Mark Bulmer of Ebor Images.
Mark is fond of capturing the beauty that is only seen outside of working hours whether at the crack of dawn or the dying moments of the day.
He said: "It was a cloudy evening near Ravenscar, and my hopes for capturing a beautiful sunset were fading, however I set my  camera on the tripod and waited just in case.
"The clouds parted inland and bright shafts of sunlight came bursting through the gap so I quickly took the shot just before the gap closed up. The rays momentarily illuminated a green dale inland.  It goes to prove beautiful pictures can happen when you least expect it."   
We love it. Check out for some more glorious shots.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Photo of the Month: August 2013

AUGUST: This shot of a boat moored at Boroughbridge Marina comes from graphic designer and photographer Andrew Munden of Knaresborough-based Eat, Sleep, Design. Located on the River Ure, the marina is home to some 85 cruisers and narrowboats.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Photo of the Month: July 2013

JULY: Knaresborough's Mike Morley captured the serenity of the North Yorkshire skies with this image of gliders over Sutton Bank, near Thirsk. The Yorkshire Gliding Club is based on top of the escarpment at the edge of the beautiful North York Moors National Park, and benefits from superb ridge lift and thermals. Club members fly seven days a week, 364 days a year (weather permitting). Few airspace restrictions mean that members can fly for miles around without hindrance. Had to make Mike's shot our Photo of the Month.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Photo of the Month: June 2013

A national newspaper recently commented that if the sight of the blossom on The Stray at Harrogate this time of the year doesn't make you happy, nothing will and we agree. However, rather than give you the usual cherry, rose and white-coloured image, we couldn't resist featuring this infra-red photograph captured by Knaresborough's Steve Moull.

Steve, the secretary of Knaresborough Camera Club, caught it on a group photoshoot. In his club role, he encourages everyone to get involved and enjoy taking pictures and is responsible for the club's packed events programme which allows members and guests to take their photography to the next level. Further information:

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Photo of the Month: May 2013

Staithes, North Yorkshire, at night by Mark Bulmer
The beautiful sheltered harbour seaside village of Staithes has captured the hearts of artists and photographers over the centuries and this night shot by Mark Bulmer illustrates why.

Mark, a York-based professional landscape photographer, is not your 9-5 image maker — he's usually out in the early and late hours capturing the scenes that have a magic quality that most of us would miss.

He said:"I enjoy low light photography and like to capture the magical times of the day when most people are tucked up in bed. I like to capture images to show people what magic they are missing out on especially the dawn of a new day.

"Sleepy Staithes was shot in the middle of March 2013 at the end of  a grey overcast day but still the beauty of the small fishing village still comes out in this low light composition."

We agree and that's why we just had to make it our Image of the Month. 

More of Mark's work can be seen at

Monday, 1 April 2013

Photo of the Month: April 2013

APRIL: Just what we need to raise our spirits after the winter wonderland of late. This peaceful image of Janet's Foss in Gordale, outside Malham, comes courtesy of professional photographer Ian Wray.

Readers who are familiar with Ian's work will know he enjoys capturing the many forms of beauty that defines the North Yorkshire landscape. And this contribution is no exception.

He told "I love the fresh green foliage and the impression of spring and new growth that it gives. I wanted to remind people that the good weather will, hopefully, be just around the corner."

Ian, who is based in Leeds, specialises in architecture and urban and rural landscapes though his porfolio also includes events and wildlife photography. More of his work can be seen at

Friday, 1 March 2013

Photo of the Month: March 2013

Beautiful Richmond and the Swale River provide a landscape photographer’s paradise as this image by profesional photographer Chris Price shows. 

As a frequent visitor, Chris loves the varied landscapes, villages and towns that North Yorkshire and of the Dales and Moors offer.

But he has a particular soft spot for Richmond with its mixture of rich greens of the trees and the character of the town which boasts Georgian architecture and Norman Castle.

Chris turned professional in 2012. More of his work from Yorkshire and other parts can be seen at